This is Frequently asked question for Huskify Request For Quote, You can test app demo by access to the app on shopify app store

Feature FAQ

How to add Request for quote to the Proudct, Collection or Proudct Tags?

Yes, You can add Request quote item for to the product, collection and product tags, After Select Type. You can see Products, Collections or Product Tags to the Quote item.

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How can add more fileds to request quote form?

Yes, You can add/update filed to the request quote form in the Form Builder

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In the fontend, You can see the extra filed was added

How can convert to order when buyer send request quote automatically?

Yes, You can enable Auto Convert Order in the app setting.

How can enable Address in the request for quote form.

Yes, You can enable Address in the Request Quote form in the app setting.


You can see Address in the Request for Quote form in the frontend.

How can modify price, quantity when sending request for quote?

Yes, Buyer can Enter price and quantity for product in the quote item list.


Support FAQ

How can I contact support?
You can contact via email [email protected] or phone, whatapp number (+84)913718933
What is the response time for support requests?
Yes, We will respond you as soon as possible

License FAQ

Can I use full features in the plan in free trial
Yes, You still get full features in the plan in free trial, We will also support, Free fix theme-incompatible?